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  Beat Obesity With Healthy Eating  
Seeing obese persons has now become a common feature. Every other person is overweight, if not obese. Besides making a person look ungainly, obesity affects a person adversely, posing severe health hazards. There are various reasons for obesity; however, there are no advantages to being obese, only disadvantages.

If you are obese and you want to lose that extra body fat, a perfect diet is essential. A diet that is chalked out considering your age, gender, fat percentage and body weight would be a perfect diet. Visit a dietician, who is an expert in this field and share with him/her your eating habits and lifestyle. Here are a few tips on how you can start with a fat-loss program, which you could follow yourself.

Diet: Make a list of dishes that you eat throughout the day for a week. After that, make a note of fatty food that you consume. Consult a dietician to know what contains fat and what is nutritious. Eliminate those items from your list that generate unnecessary fats in your body. If those items are your favorites, reduce their consumption to start with. If you are one of those, who overeat, then you need to have plenty of water just before you start your meal and if you feel hungry after every 2 hours, then try having salads or fruits, and not bananas. There is nothing better than a fruit and vegetable diet. Some of the best foods are boiled vegetables, fruit salads, vegetable salads, etc., which supply vitamins and minerals for the body and make you fit.

Breakfast being your first meal of the day should be at about 7 am and must be heavy and nutritious. Lunch should be a little light at about 1 pm and your dinner has to be bare minimum by 7pm. Eating healthy meals on time is necessary for fat loss. Always follow the saying, “eat your breakfast alone, share your lunch with friends and give your dinner to your enemy”.

Exercise: Exercise to lose extra body fats. Your work out should mainly consist of cardio vascular exercises, such as running, jogging, cycling, skipping, etc. Fat loss is the result of balanced combination of diet and exercise. Do not make the mistake of exercising vigorously, initially. Many people get carried away with the whole weight loss spree and end up with severe body pain and miss out on further exercises. If you are used to exercising, you can very well go ahead with your work out and gradually increase exercising more.

Here is a tip on how to increase your metabolism rate and lose fats faster. Work out for the biggest muscle of your body, your legs. Consisting of quadriceps, hamstrings and calves, your legs have to be strong and not fat, as they carry your entire weight.

Other things: Reduce alcohol, aerated drinks, sweets, chocolates, oily foods, and other fattening edibles drastically. They contribute a lot to obesity. Overeating and continuous eating also adds to obesity. Obesity is one of the causes for cardiac arrests in many people. Therefore eat healthy, exercise well and beat obesity.

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