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  Eating Healthy Under Stress  
Stress is an unavoidable companion, of nearly every urbanite in this fast paced world. A high stress level may force you into an unhealthy eating cycle, which could further complicate your health. On the other hand, eating healthy food could actually help you to reduce your stress levels and helps you bounce into this high stress arena with aplomb.

Work pressures might lead to building stress levels up, and this results in low energy levels, fatigue and often with a feeling of depression. Pressure of time might force you to eat unhealthy fast food over a longer period. This results in starving your body of vital vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates essential to power your body and mind. So, stop buying your food from fast food pick-ups, and instead substitute it with healthy alternatives that can be prepared in a jiffy. So, instead of picking up donuts, burgers, or pizzas, pick up fruit, and fruit juices without preservatives, or sandwiches made of whole wheat bread or cookies made of whole wheat.

Synthetically prepared fast foods provide only temporary relief by spiking sugar levels. Trans-fat and cholesterol rich food, instead of helping your body and mind, only end up weakening the body's immune system. This cycle will continue until your body or your mind eventually breaks down. But, if you start eating the right foods, you could soon refresh your body and mind and this will enable you keep the stress causing demons at bay.

A healthy breakfast of eggs, grilled bacon, whole wheat bread or cookies with fresh fruit juice or even bananas blended in cold milk does not require a lot of preparation time, yet tastes extremely good. Lunch could consist of pastas or rice noodles with your choice of fresh vegetables, which should not be fried, but lightly sautéed or just boiled. Salads made of various vegetables and fruits are also a healthy option and provide a tasty side dish. If you do not find the time to make a salad, then you could just have a tasty vegetable juice. Sandwiches made of granary bread with a variety of fillings like vegetables, lightly grilled white meat, or egg white also make for a healthy lunch. You can add butter or cheese to your sandwiches, but remember to stay in calorific control.

For those in-between snacks, keep natural canned fruit or whole-wheat crackers or cookies in your office or store. Try to restrict your tea or coffee intake to two cups in a day and replace them with lemon juice or any other vegetable juice of your choice. Make sure to rotate your vegetables, fruits and salads, in order to stay motivated and not get bored within a short time. In order to suppress any untoward cravings, you can eat burgers, chocolates and pizzas occasionally, but ensure that it does not turn into a regular habit, again.  

Instead of eating the wrong kind of food that only add to your stress problems, ensure that you follow a healthy food regime that in fact helps you to fight stress and also ensures that you keep stress away in future.

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