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  Healthy Eating At Work  
With high work pressure and increasing stress levels, most employees barely get time to think about their diet or to follow a health regime. We all know that to survive in this competitive environment, you have to go that extra mile to get noticed at your work place. But that does not mean you have to compromise with your health. There are many ways, you can ensure your calorie and vitamin intake is sufficient for the whole day.

Firstly, it is important to have breakfast, before you leave home. This is the most essential meal of the day, as it provides you with vigour for the whole day. For workingwomen, it is very important to have milk for breakfast, and a combination of milk with oats or low calorie cornflakes is ideal, as it is easy to make and provides you with calcium and the essential nutrients. If you have the time, you can also boil an egg and eat, as it will provide you with enough protein and cut out the carbohydrates.

While you are at work, you are bound to be tempted to have several cups of coffee, but avoid this temptation. A cup of coffee a day does not harm you, but once you start having more than a cup a day, your calorie intake due to sugar and caffeine intake increases body weight much faster.

You may have too much work piled up at office, you may be in a meeting, or you may be just too consumed with work, to realize you have skipped a meal or what you are eating is absolutely unhealthy. The first rule is to choose your food wisely. If you are in a meeting and you have been served working lunch, donít stuff yourself with the cheese pizzas and sandwiches. Instead, go for the salads or pizzas with more green. Instead of Coke, ask for water or a fruit juice.   

Make it a point to be one of those people who can eat what they have brought from home, and on time. Make yourself a salad with a few chicken cubes and with low fat salad topping. If you need bread make sure, itís brown. This type of meal is high in fibre and protein and helps you control, even lose weight.

After you get home, you tend to indulge in a snack, and so you tend to eat either fried or sweet food. Keep reminding yourself that you have not indulged in any strenuous physical activity and you can always supplement the snack with fruits or even some refreshing juice and a few biscuits.             
Lastly, remember to have an early dinner rich in protein that includes meat and leafy vegetables to give you an ideal diet for the whole day. And most importantly, remember to get at least 45 minutes of exercise, five days a week to keep your body in good shape and stay fit.

Feel Good And Look Young With Healthy Eating
Todayís youth spend a hell of a lot on expensive creams and lotions to restore and maintain their beauty. The question is how many are successful in getting the glow on their face? If you do not follow a healthy diet, no cream or lotion will ever help you look young or make you feel good. You look what you eat, and thus, to look younger than your age, and feel fresh and energetic throughout the day, take care of your eating habits.
If you meet any beautiful woman whose age looks the same for years together, make it a point do ask them the secret behind it. Believe me, they will tell you that the way to healthy skin and youthful looks are healthful foods, not any branded creams. To feel good and look young, change your diet. Putting yourself in to a habit of eating healthy is the best solution for all your healthy problems. Consult a dietician for advice on types of food intake you should follow.
Due to their busy schedules, many people complain that they get no time to eat regular meals. However, food should be your first priority especially when you have a busy schedule. Kick-start your day with a heavy and nutritious breakfast so you have enough energy throughout the day. Cereals make a good breakfast. Replace white bread to brown break and feel the difference. Drink a glass of juice or milk as per your choice.
Add lots of leafy vegetables to your diet. Salads provide you with all necessary vitamins. A fruit after every meal is great and enhances your energy levels. When having meat, make sure you go for lean meat. This keeps a check on your fat levels. Fish is a good source of omega 3 fatty acid, and you should certainly include fish in your diet. Beans, nuts, and eggs are high on proteins that are required for the body development. Do not completely cut down on fats as you body needs some percentage for the growth and development. You can choose low fats food stuff to control the body fats.
A balanced diet makes sure you are high on energy levels, and makes you feel peppy all day long. The results that you get from healthy food items, no other artificial food item can give. Natural food items have all the minerals and essential vitamins that make you feel good and look naturally young. With healthy eating habits, you never have to worry about any side effects or other healthy related problems. Keep yourself away from artificial juices and junk food. When in restaurants, learn to select your dishes properly. It is good to keep your temptation in control and order healthy and nutritious food.
There is no reason to get bored with healthy food items, as you can experiment with your cooking. You can try various dishes and cook in different styles to make it look appetizing. All it takes a great deal to put yourself in the habit of healthy eating, it is worth it in the long run. It is never too late to start eating healthy as it has lots of benefits for all.

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