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  Healthy Eating During Exams  
Did you know that your diet during your exams could determine your performance and success in the exams? Sources have proven that students eating regular and healthy breakfast accomplish better in exams and studies, as compared to those, who miss the most important meal of the day, breakfast. During their exams, students are physically inactive, but still need lots of vitamins, minerals, and iron to concentrate and remember what they read and learn. Lack of any of these can cause adverse effects on the studentís performance in studies and exams.

If you feel tired and lazy to study during your exams, this is an indication of low iron and vitamin B content in the body, and can cause deficiency symptoms like paleness, lack of concentration, feeling giddy, etc. To increase your bodyís iron and vitamin B, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods help. Eat vegetarian food like cereals, baked beans, peas, and spinach, and non-vegetarian food like white meat products. Fish is an important part of the diet because it contains vitamin B, C and E. These vitamins are essential for memory and keep you relaxed. While you have non-veg products, avoid foods that build up body fats.

Many students drink tea or coffee while reading or studying, to keep them awake and alert. Well, wake up to the fact that these do not keep you awake. In fact, excess caffeine in the body builds fats and makes you more lethargic. Drink soups and milk while you study, as they are healthy drinks. Keep tea and coffee to minimum. 1 or 2 cups a day is a good deal.

Small meals at regular intervals is not a bad idea, therefore, it is ideal to have 5-7 small meals a day. This keeps your stomach busy and your brain working. One must never miss on fruits, while in the process of studying. For all the essentials that a body needs, fruits are the ultimate choice. Fruits maintain the sugar level needed by a body through their natural sugar content. Bananas help in increasing weight, oranges helps in building vitamin C, grapes maintain the sugar level, watermelon restrains water-loss from the body and apples provides starch, which indeed gives sugar to the body as natural energy. These are few examples of how important fruits are in a regular diet.

Many people do not drink enough water, while studying, because of ignorance or being engrossed in studies. This is wrong, as you must keep yourself hydrated, while you study. Water, juices and soups at regular intervals during the day are good. It is advisable to take a small walk around your house or compound, to help your body digest food properly and fast. Do not sit down to study immediately after eating as it might make you sleepy and sluggish. If you are a heavy eater, make sure you exercise after eating and then sit to study, in order to refrain from putting on excess weight, and to remain awake during study.

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