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  Healthy Eating Plan For A Diabetic  
A diabetic has to be very careful of the foods consumed, as it is a malfunction, where a body loses its control over producing insulin, and the glucose level in the body fluctuates. A diabeticís diet plan is different from, the normal, because many essential foods contain sugar and these foods need elimination from a diabeticís list. So, if you are diabetic, refer to a registered dietician or food counsellor.

Diet plan: Plan your diet. Write down all the food you like and eat. Segregate those with sugar content. With this process, you know what exactly you can consume, and at what rate. Your diet plan must include proper food, and meal timings. Take the help of your doctor or dietician to prepare this plan. Check your blood pressure, blood sugar levels, weight, etc., before you draw your diet plan. From the total calories consumed in a day, an average diabetic should target about 55% of carbohydrates, around 15% of proteins and 30% of fats.

Eating plan: Your list should include edibles like spinach, bitter gourd, beets etc., as they are supposed to be low in glucose content. Fruits like gooseberry, blackberry, and oranges provide less glucose and more of vitamins. It is advised to eat often, but little and recommended food only. This is because diabetics, when very hungry, can faint. Eat a lot of green leafy vegetables and use fat free food products. Reduce the consumption of alcohol, as it adds sugar to your body. If your sugar level fluctuates, have food that contains adequate amount of carbohydrates.

Here are some tips on how you can manage to reduce the level of sugar content in your body, if you are a diabetic.

A glass of bitter gourd juice every morning can help you balance your sugar level. If you hate the taste of it, have a glass of orange juice right after that to change the taste of your mouth.

Eat spinach, and tomatoes with your food.

A glass of blackberry seed juice is considered a medicine for diabetics in many countries.

Fenugreek seed juice is again good for diabetics.

If you carefully look, all the above-mentioned food items are bitter in taste or have no sugar content. Consult your doctor or health counsellor before you try any of the above-mentioned tips, as it might differ from person to person.

If you have a high level of sugar in your body, completely stop consuming sugar and sweets, and control the level of oil in your food. Many people adhere to junk, oily, spicy and fattening food, while in the process of controlling their sugar levels. They reduce the level of sugar but end up with heart problems. Therefore, it is very necessary to keep a check on your weight and blood pressure along with your sugar level. Eat healthy and reduce the risk, if not eliminate diabetes from your body.

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