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  Things you must avoid to create a smashing Ezine  
Gone are the days when a business owner could sell his products or services easily without having a big product launch and an advertising campaign. With the growing competition in today’s world, business owners are struggling to find their niche in this fiercely competitive market. This necessitates for a good marketing strategy and a solid platform to advertise products and services. In recent times, ezine has emerged as an important platform for marketing your skills, products, or services. You do not require special writing skills to craft an impressive ezine. However, you certainly need to consider the don’ts of ezine writing to make sure that your ezine is appealing in every way.
Don’ts of ezine writing:

1. Most ezine writers wonder, “What’s in a name?” and therefore usually skip the name and contact info details. Generally, readers want to ensure that there actually is a real person out there in case they need to get in touch with the writer. Failing to furnish these details will stop you from establishing trust with the target audience.

2. An appealing ezine can be created without loading it with squiggles and decoration that may hinder comprehension. When searching for good reading material, the emphasis is usually on lucid content rather than decorative artwork. A good format, simple language, and useful content are the main ingredients of great ezines.  

3. Never make the mistake of loading your ezine with ads, as your main objective behind writing an ezine is to provide useful information and bond with the target audience.

4. Many publishers make the mistake of sending their ezines sporadically to their readers. These small things matter a lot and speak volumes about the way you conduct your business. Failing to send ezines on time will create a bad impression on the minds of your readers and they may feel that you are not dependable.

5. Another important ezine writing taboo is copying other writers’ content and publishing it as your own. This won’t take you far as readers are bound to realize it some day and may soon write you off. Authenticity is of paramount importance when it comes to writing smashing ezines.

6. Never overlook the importance of having a disclaimer or privacy policy, as your readers want to know that their email address is in safe hands and not being circulated for promotion or other purposes. Simply because a particular ad or pop-up is on your ezine does not imply that you support it and your readers are entitled to know about that.

Quality content is the key to successful ezine writing and only those ezines that fulfill the basic rules mentioned above would be able to strike a chord with the target audience. Once your ezine is ready, your next step should be proof reading in order to ensure that your ezine is flawless in every way!

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Ezine Extravaganza

Includes IN-HOUSE Made "Guru" Squeeze, Thank You & MRR Upsell Pages [...]


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