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7 Easy Hacks To Build Confidence
At its most basic, confidence is knowing what you're good at. It's knowing the value you provide and conveying that value to others. But don't make...


  Don't compare yourself and get your confidence down  
Many-a-time people have this attitude of constant self-comparison. Self-comparison can be dangerous if it turns into negative emotions. It can also be the root cause of self-destruction. Itís a big roadblock towards achieving success. To evaluate yourself with others is circuitously questioning your individual self-worth.

Things like I am not so pretty like others, or I am not intelligent like my friends, I will never be able to afford anything in life, etc. can make you feel dejected and your confidence level can go down to no extent. Make sure you respect yourself and think high about you. Every individual is different and no comparison can be made between two people. You need to have the maturity to understand that you are superior and so are your ideas. Once you start thinking in a positive manner, confidence will reflect in your life.

You must have heard that the more you tell yourself something, the more you start having faith in it. It can be absolutely anything: positive or negative thoughts. It depends on you, as to how you train your mind. The key is to stay away from negativity and stop comparing yourself with others. Once you achieve doing this you will be brimming with confidence inside you.

There are loads of ways to look at things optimistically. Judging yourself with others around you is undoubtedly not so appreciated. You will merely thrive in setting yourself up for a big fall into a pit of stumpy self-esteem. Low self-esteem will simply cloud your individual conviction in yourself. It will splinter the idea of exclusivity into tiny little pieces.

Are you constantly comparing yourself with others at your work place? Sometimes such kind of comparisons may lead to damaging your own self-esteem. The problem mainly arrives when your comparisons are colored with your meanings and perceptions. As a result you start feeling contempt towards everyone around you. This can affect your beliefs and behavior. The next point is to analyze if you are comparing with the correct person. Think about this: what is the use if you actually evaluate yourself with the big shots of your company? Itís logical if you strike a comparison with someone among your peers and not with irrelevant set of people

Most working people are affected when itís time for appraisals. A lot of unexpected turns of events happen during performance reviews and annual appraisals. If someone you had not anticipated gets an increased pay hike than you, automatically the strong feeling of comparison and disgust for him/her erupts inside you. This naturally lowers your self-esteem and you lose your confidence and interest to work like before.

The bottom line is that comparisons are just groovy as long as there is an element of competition among your peers is present. But if it crosses the prescribed limits things can turn really chaotic for you. Understand the pros and cons of self-comparison. Take the correct choice of distinguishing between things. Self-comparison with others can really damage you. Be positive in your thoughts and actions and show your best at work and put an end to your approach of comparing yourself.

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Self Confidence Instant Mobile Video Site

Instantly Build A Mobile-Friendly Video Site To Promote Your Business On Autopilot, Without Creating A Single Video [...]


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