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7 Easy Hacks To Build Confidence
At its most basic, confidence is knowing what you're good at. It's knowing the value you provide and conveying that value to others. But don't make...


  Learn to let go and build back your confidence  
Many of us are experiencing “the calm before the storm”. We are under the impression that the present is just a hoax and that our life is yet to begin. We believe that all we had till date were false starts. And when the world sees us half the way we firmly assert that we are at the starting blocks.

The rate at which change is happening in this world, one is lead to believe that change is that one sudden, spectacular and irreversible event that everyone takes note of. The need is for us to realize that as always change is still a gradual forward movement and involves a lot of “on” and “off” days. We give into a peer pressure to make change happen and enter a vicious cycle of depression when nothing goes our way.

We need to stop pondering over the bad days and failures that are few but noticeable and set our eyes on our successes that are gradual and unnoticeable immediately to the eyes. One needs to “let go” of the paralyzing power of failure. That involves understanding and implementing the need to change. On many occasions we resist change since it can be painful and fraught with a lot of uncertainties. We experience a false sense of security by being static and not taking risks that we know may be necessary.

If a child learning to walk decides its better to sit than take the risk of falling down the stairs or in the toilet while walking, it may never walk its entire life. Similarly, one needs to look at failures as our baby steps towards the objective of building a life. Putting behind us the memories and sure signs of failure may not be easy.

“Letting go” may require us to set short term goals, which may seem to take us in an entirely new direction. We may be apprehensive of losing sight of our goal and resist such a change. One must realize that every goal achieved, whether short or long term is a step towards boosting our confidence and will add up to the achievement of our objective.

Sometimes, incorporating change may make us appear as inconsistent and unsure of are goals. One example may be that of Warren Buffett, who began his business as a newspaper boy and ended up as an investment banker, all the while, unnoticed by the media or business analysts. Developing confidence does not have a straight and simple formula to be implemented.

One of the best examples of letting go of the worst events is that of the stock market. The analysis of the daily gains made will show a rather irregular way of growth, while the bigger picture displays a definite and prominent growth over a decade or more. Similarly, we need to look at “off” days as just a passing phenomenon compared to the long stay of slow but steady progress. In our endeavor to achieve progress let us remember progress can “bottom-out” but it has no “top-up”.

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Self Confidence Instant Mobile Video Site

Instantly Build A Mobile-Friendly Video Site To Promote Your Business On Autopilot, Without Creating A Single Video [...]


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