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7 Easy Hacks To Build Confidence
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  Working women can boost their confidence  
Having confidence in the long term means having faith in oneself and one’s choices. However, you do need to boost your confidence a little every day to keep your long-term confidence strong. Boosting self-confidence is a common goal shared by most working women. The fact is that most professional women do not have very high self-confidence even if they appear to do so. There is an inner conflict going within them with their ‘inner critic’; that small nagging voice that says that you are not good enough, strong enough or smart enough. It has a strangle hold on just about everyone. This voice is in fact not subtle but is loud and menacing and can shatter your confidence. As a working woman you can try some of these strategies to boost your confidence and start feeling better right away.

Increase physical activity - If you use the lift take the stairs instead or walk up rather than use the escalator. When stopping your car park it some distance further and walk down from there. Start cycling. Physical exercise is good for the body and mind. It has tremendous benefits like clearing up the brain and the lungs, defusing anger and frustration and building up your strength and endurance. It is going energize you. You will look more attractive and beautiful because energy will enhance your appearance imparting a healthy glow to your looks and add a spring to your step. Therefore always be active.

Be careful how you dress – What you wear is what is first visible to others. Your clothes and the way you dress is a reflection of your aesthetic sense, taste and style. If you put on inappropriate clothes people will most likely be doubtful about your sense of judgment and ability to handle important matters.  While dressing you must ask yourself how you would like others to perceive you. Think of the people you want to impress. All this is not about making a fashion statement. This is about what is appropriate and effective in a particular environment.

There are four things for you to remember about your dressing. The first is the fit of your clothes, then cleanliness, your shoes and the smile you wear. These are vital factors. Whatever clothes you buy whether they are designer clothes, high street or any other you must ensure that they fit you well. Your dresses should always be clean and there should not be any pulls, missing buttons or stray threads hanging around. Your shoes should be decent, well soled and polished. And you must always wear a bright smile to project a positive image.

Do breathing exercises – Stand straight and breathe deeply. Search for peace inside you. With life’s pace being so hectic, peace is a scarce commodity, as people are pressed for time, overloaded with information multitasking all the time, living a suffocating life. To get out of this try to focus on whom you are. Breathe from your belly like babies. You can do this anywhere like in the lift, toilet, or even in the midst of people to calm yourself and increase your focus.
Mastering these techniques will boost your confidence as you surge forward in your career as a working woman.

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