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17 Simple Golf  Tips
17 Simple Golf Tips Guaranteed To Improve Your Golf Game ...
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  Golf Driving Tips  
Golf driving tips focus on helping golfers hit the ball farther than they do with their normal shots. While driving a golf ball, a common error that needs correction is the general belief that the harder you hit an object the farther it travels. Even though this may be true in a strictly scientific sense, in golf it may not be entirely correct. This is because of two very important variables, the club design and the way the human body behaves. Here are some tips for good driving in golf.

Ensure a good set up: make sure to set up the swing properly. The primary and most important step in driving is to set it up like any other swing shot. For a good drive it is essential that you have a relaxed attitude and make a swing in a relaxed manner. This will help you drive the golf ball to a greater distance and with increased accuracy. When you are tense, even when you strike the ball as hard as you can, it results in an inefficient physical swing, making your ball land much shorter than when you are relaxed.

Use the right club: use a driver or a long iron for your drive. The length of the club favors you with two distinct advantages. One, it lets you position your stance at a greater distance from the ball and two, it allows you to spread your feet wider, which caters to better weight transfer and balance. All this will enable you to make a short wide swing with the right amount of power and with better control.

Follow the sequence of motion: when driving, it is the sequence of the set up, swing and the drive along with the right weight transfer that forms the major constituent of a good drive. Though as a beginner you may find it a bit difficult initially, you must remember to maintain proper sequence in your drives if they wish to develop their golf skills on sound fundamentals.

Release the built up power at impact: Your swing should aim at building power. This power should be released at the point of impact. You must remember to keep the swing short in the interests of better control. A longer swing would mean less of control. Most golfers make the mistake of thinking that a longer swing will send the ball farthest. The fact is that compared to a long and narrow swing, a short and wide swing will provide the most controlled shot with the greatest power.

Maintain balance while swinging: It is never good to swing too far back or lean too much forward while driving. You must stay within your balance and keep your swing in control. What you need to do is evenly distribute your weight from heel to toe and remain in balance. Keep a good posture with your spine straight and your chin up. You will find this helpful not only in your drives but also for avoiding injuries.

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17 Simple Golf  Tips

17 Simple Golf Tips Guaranteed To Improve Your Golf Game [...]



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