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17 Simple Golf  Tips
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  Golf Terminology  
If you have just begun to play golf and fail to understand its terminology, do not worry, as this article will help you to master all these important golf terms and open your mind to understand the game well.

    •    Approach Shot- this shot helps you to position the ball on the green area.

    •    Amateur- a golfer who plays at a competitive level, however not for cash prize is called as amateur. Only a professional can play golf tournament for cash prize money.

    •    Address- before hitting the ball, the way a golfer positions his/her body is termed to address the ball.

    •    Abnormal ground condition- if the golf ground is under repairs or has some water collected, then it is termed as abnormal ground condition.

    •    Backswing- the opening part of the golf swing, which halts after the club stops moving from above your head to get set for the downswing position.

    •    Backspin- it is a reverse spin of the golf ball towards the target.

    •    Blade- it describes the head of the iron.

    •    Caddie- these are people, who are employed to carry your golf clubs around the course and are also capable to offer an advice on the game.

    •    Cart- it is either a small vehicle or a dolly, which players use to drive around the course to travel from one spot to another.

    •    Cavity Back Iron- it is a typical type of an iron that has majority of club heads’ weight distributed around its perimeter. There is a large cavity at the back of the head that is helpful to reduce the mass in both the back of the head and center.

    •    Club Face- the bottom part of the golf club is termed as clubface.

    •    Driver- the longest club in the golf bag is known as driver. This clubs also gives you higher distance than any other club.

    •    Draw- a shot that bends to the left side is called as draw.

    •    Duff- it is used, when you miss a shot or spoil a shot.

    •    Fat- when the clubface taps the ground before hitting the ball, it is called as fat.

    •    Forecaddie- he is a person, who directs you about placing the ball. This person comes from an outside agency.

    •    Iron- it is a club with metallic blade for the club head. Golfers have at least 8 to 10 irons that range from number 2- iron or sand wedge. Each iron offers different stroke on the ball.

    •    Line of Play- it is a position, where the player wants his ball to stop after the stroke. The line of play can extend vertically upward from the ground, but may not get to go beyond the hole.

    •    Penalty Stroke- this stroke is added to the score of the player or anything as per the rules of the game.

    •    Stroke- the forward movement of the club made to strike the ball is called as stroke. The golfer needs to check the downswing, before the club head touches the ball or the stroke would not be considered.

    •    Tee- a device used to place the ball off the ground is known as tee. This device is not more then 4 inches and is manufactured in a way that the line of play can be seen.

The above-mentioned terminologies will help you to get a basic idea about the game. Once you hit the ground, you would be an expert with these terms.

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17 Simple Golf  Tips

17 Simple Golf Tips Guaranteed To Improve Your Golf Game [...]



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