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17 Simple Golf  Tips
17 Simple Golf Tips Guaranteed To Improve Your Golf Game ...
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  How To Avoid Golf Hook  
A very common phrase in golf, and a common mistake made by many golfers, is the hook. A hook is the left-to-right path created for the ball after the stroke. Itís basically the tilt of the spin axis of the golf ball that causes hooks. So the curve formed from left-to-right while pushing the ball towards the cup is termed as hook. Itís just vice-a-versa for the lefties.

A small curve is often called a draw. It is often caused due to the clubface being too close to the ball at the contact. Therefore using a right crafted club is essential to avoid a hook. Thereís a special way that you deal with a hook. Here are a few tips on how you can avoid or cure a golf hook.

Position and the posture:

in every golf stroke or shot, posture at the time of impact is very crucial. Your aim depends upon your posture. To avoid a hook, make sure you stand close (not very close) to the ball. Many golfers stand at a distance while hitting the ball, in a fear that they might hit very hard. Bend towards the ball and keep your body still, swing your arms.

Back swing plays an important role in causing or avoiding golf hook. If the back swing is extremely towards the interior of the path, it will surely cause a hook or a draw. To avoid this, it is best to keep your swing straight and hit the
ball squarely.

Holding the club (hooker) too tight or flimsy may also be a reason for a hook. The strength of the grip is judged by the placement of your fingers on the club. If you can see 3 knuckles of your right hand while you swing the club for a shot, the grip is strong, but if you can see 2 knuckles, the hold is firm, appropriate and in control for a shot. Your wrist should be stable and there should be no pressure on your forearms. The force of the grip and the impact should be matched and organized to rightly aim the target.  

Analyze your course and equipments:
You must always see the status of the course you are playing on. There are different strategies of playing, different strokes on wet/dry and fast/slow golf courses. Use right club for every shot like hooker to avoid a hook in a shot.
Hereís a very raw but effective tip on how you can avoid a hook. If you are right handed, try to create a path from right-to-left and for a lefty, it is vice-a-versa. This is called aiming the opposites. This tip is mastered only through chain of practices.

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17 Simple Golf  Tips

17 Simple Golf Tips Guaranteed To Improve Your Golf Game [...]



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