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17 Simple Golf  Tips
17 Simple Golf Tips Guaranteed To Improve Your Golf Game ...
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  How To Correct Your Golf Swing  
Many golfers are always working towards getting a better swing. They realize its importance to their game and that by improving these aspects, theyíll better their overall game. Toning up and working on your muscles used in the golf swing is vital to improve it. This will give you flexibility, so that you can turn your body more easily and get into correct positions.

Muscular strength will help you hit the ball harder and accurately and have a better swing position. Watch professional golfers and you will notice, they are extremely fit to get a good swing. You need to strengthen the abdominal, leg, arm and lower back muscles, used mainly during the swing. Golf then, becomes a pleasurable experience and you improve your score overall.

Some golfers have been able to better their game greatly by capturing and analyzing the biomechanics of their golf swing. Biomechanics is the mechanical analysis of body motion. By studying and analyzing the physics of golf swing, it can help you greatly improve your game. For this you need high-speed video technology. Corrections in the golf swing are not so easy to identify. But, if the physics of the golf swing is easily captured, it becomes easier and to correct improvements can be implemented soon.

Special conditioning and golf specific endurance exercises are the most effective correctional techniques these days. Muscles must be strengthened that are being used in specific stages of the golf swing.  Correct physics of the golf swing is a complicated and awkward movement, unnatural for the body, righted only through constant practice and exercise. Starting from the motion to the impact and flight of the ball through the air, focus on the physics of your swing and youíll see how to improve your game.

The downswing problem: A correct movement must result in a powerful swing into and along the intended line of flight, through impact. To achieve this, shoulders must be square on impact, or slightly closed. The club must remain behind the hands on the way down and into the ball. Proper control of the shoulders is vital for both power and direction in the downswing.

You need to adapt your body in order to execute a proper swing. You will notice a remarkable and almost instantenous improvement in you sing, if your look straight ahead at the ball while keeping your head still. Your head must be in line with your spine while you slowly raise your head up a bit. Now your left shoulder should fit under your chin as you start to swing. Donít tuck your head into your chest, and look down at the ball, since you cannot get a proper swing in this position. If you find it difficult to keep your head straight and eye on the ball, then try the following.

Your stance must always be correct, while you approach the ball. Keep your head and back firm, then bend forward at the waist and keep your eyes straight on the ball. In this position your left should will touch your chin, when you attempt to swingKeeping your eyes on the ball, raise your head slowly, making sure it does not move side to side. As part of your swing, now practice going through your backswing and downswing.

Donít hit the ball and donít follow through. Practice this swing focusing on keeping the head straight and eye on the ball. Do this around 20 times. Remember, you are ďtrainingí your body to keep your head straight and position itself, so that you can properly execute a good golf swing.
Finally RELAX. Easier said than done, but note that improving your golf swing begins and ends with you.

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17 Simple Golf  Tips

17 Simple Golf Tips Guaranteed To Improve Your Golf Game [...]



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