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17 Simple Golf  Tips
17 Simple Golf Tips Guaranteed To Improve Your Golf Game ...
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  How To Fix Your Golf Swing  
A number of clubs can be used to play golf, some of them are namely; a driver, a putter and an iron to hit the ball on a golf course. There are 9 to 18 holes in a golf course and the objective is to hit a ball into a hole on the golf course with the least number of strokes. To achieve this objective it is mandatory that you perfect your golf swing.

The first thing to keep in mind is to place yourself inline with the flag you are aiming at. While doing so look for any leafs or objects that may cause hindrance to the motion of the ball while it is moving towards the flag.
Imagine a straight line between the ball and the flag and place your club face square to the line. After doing this, ensure you are standing parallel to the imaginary line for that perfect golf swing.

Before you hit the ball make sure your club is touching the ground behind that ball and you grip the club with your left hand, with the top of your index finger put across the shaft of your club. The shaft should fit at the heel of your palm to give space to keep the club steady. Your little finger should be around the grip so the club does not move. Your thumb has to be straight on top of the shaft to make sure you have the correct angle of the wrist.
After adhering to these steps make sure your right hand grip is correct as well. As your right hand is hanging naturally simply place it on the shaft, with your right hand over your left thumb. Your right hand thumb should be in line with your right shoulder.
After this your grip at the back of the club should also be correct. There are 3 ways to grip the back of the club. The first grip is called warden or overlapping grip. This grip is the most common one. This grip requires you to simply place the little finer of your right hand between your left hands index and middle fingers.

The second grip is called the interlocking grip. The right index finger and the left little finger should be locked together in this kind of grip. People with smaller finger prefer this method as your finger reach all around the club.
The third grip, the baseball grip, requires you to simply place the right hand below the left hand without any fingers overlapping each other at the back of the shaft.

The last rule to keep in mind is to adopt the right stance. To start the distance between your feet should the same as the distance between your shoulders. Your right foot should be at a right angle to the imaginary straight line your ball will follow so that you body weight is on the inside of the foot and while swinging the correct force will be given. Your left foot has to be slightly open for the golf swing to follow through. The upper torso should be bent and knees slightly bent to allow flexibility. The weight of your body should be on your toes and not heels. With a few inches of distance between you club and body you are now ready for that perfect swing.

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17 Simple Golf  Tips

17 Simple Golf Tips Guaranteed To Improve Your Golf Game [...]



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