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17 Simple Golf  Tips
17 Simple Golf Tips Guaranteed To Improve Your Golf Game ...
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  Tips For Left Handed Golf Players  
It is a myth that left-handed golf players find it difficult to sustain the game. In fact, many golf winners were left-handed players. Though the positions and swings differ, they still play well.

As a left-handed player, you should be able to explore your right positions and swings and also get possession of suitable equipments. To our surprise, Mike Weir and Phil Mickelson, who are both right- handed golfers chose to play golf with their left hands and came out victorious as champions. There are many beginners, who are left-handed golfers, who keep flipping through magazines and books just to get few tips to play golf. If you are one among them, your search ends here, as you can read some great tips that can boost your golf game.

Firstly, to clear a point that is, we have seen many left-handed players commit a silly mistake, while trying to play with their right hands. This silly mistake would never turn one into a good golfer, but would only make a fool of one self. Stick to your original style and play with what you are comfortable with without trying to imitate others. It so happens that you tend to try out others clubs, which are meant for right-handers, before you purchase your own set. So, many keep playing with the right-hand sets, since they do not wish to make efforts to learn golf with their left hands and many a times lose out the opportunity to become a good player.

One of most important tip for left handed golf players is to choose the right clubs. You may have to look and search at the right places to purchase these left- handed equipments, which may be difficult to find. However, it is always better to wait rather than handle wrong clubs and ruin your game.

You could purchase them via the Internet or look out for second hand equipments. If you have just started to play the game, you would also need to find a good instructor. An experienced golfer would be the right option to choose. But, you would be wiser to opt for a left-handed golfer to instruct you, since you yourself is a left-handed player. This would be an ideal choice.

Even if, you were a left-handed golfer, you could perform a striking game of golf. Only remember to swing well and you need to be in the right position to play. Your basics should be perfect and correct to swing the ball well. Follow the instructions of a pro to learn to place your clubs and to line up the ball correctly.

Being a left- handed, you would need a better grip from your right hand, so that you have a good control over the ball. Now your right shoulder should look towards the target. Remember you need to tighten your grip and have a better control on the right hand. Being a left-handed does not require you to pay much attention to your left hand, since your left hand may not help you to swing it well.

Your left foot should be flat on the ground. If you position the foot on your toe, your hips may not move in the correct position, which would disturb the position of the clubface and it would not remain square on the ball. By practicing these small tips, you can turn into a star player. Only reading and observing will not turn you into a smart performer.

To win the golf game you need to swing the ball throughout in the correct position. You could win accolades with sheer determination and practice under a trained guidance of a pro and thus add your name to the list of left- handed champions.

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17 Simple Golf  Tips

17 Simple Golf Tips Guaranteed To Improve Your Golf Game [...]



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