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A colorful house with faded walls, wicker and worn furniture – is a distinctive picture you would get whenever you think of a country styled home. Adding a tinge (or more) of the country style to your home doesn’t mean recreating a part, nor does it mean being frozen in time. It is preserving the good old things of the yesteryears and turning them into a mélange by incorporating them with state-of-the-art home amenities.

Living in a country styled home is supposedly very informal and comfortable. It enables the home owner to relax in a rustic setting amidst simple things handmade by skilled artisans. If you are planning to incorporate a country style to your home, don’t imagine it to be a very tedious task. Designing your home in the country style has minimal rules. All you would have to ensure is that the atmosphere is comfortable, both for people living in the house as well as guests who come visiting.

Since the country look has undergone transformation over the years, it has improved and taken in a wider variety of distinctive attributes. Given below are some ideas that would help you while adding a ‘touch of the country look’ and preserving your tradition as well.  

Flooring – Always start from the floor, as it is the ‘base’ of the home. For instance, you can add a get a painted gingham-painted border to your wooden floor. The pricing for this could be expensive or affordable, depending on the amount of floor space and the artisan fees. You can also consider oriental rugs and carpets that lend an extra tinge of drama to the entrance of your home.

Walls – In the past, walls were made of brick or wood. You can use wooden or brick walls and leave them unpainted to give the perfect country look. However, if you wish to achieve the country look, you can paint the walls; just make sure you use natural colors, which complement the upholstery and flooring. Also, to get the perfect texture, get the walls evenly plastered and colored in soft lime-wash. You can decorate walls freehand or using stencil, simple designs and motifs.

Upholstery and furniture To give an illusion of space in small rooms use minimally upholstered wooden furniture. To add a rustic, colorful look, a mat, handmade quilt, thrown or draped over wooden furniture adds the extra country charm. Inculcate a layered look in the fabrics you use, to give a serene feel to the ambience. You can use floral, patterned, or striped fabric, as these complement with one another and give a special touch to every room.

Decorations Use wicker baskets for flower arrangements, dried shrubs, potpourri, fruits, and placing bread loaves on the dining table. Wicker baskets are said to be the heart of the country style. They can be kept on the shelves or hung near the windows.


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