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  How To Set Up Your Google AdWords Account  
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  How To Make the Most From Your AdWords Campaign  
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  PPC and Adwords  
Google Adwords is a great way to advertise on the web. This service is gaining popularity as Google’s flagship advertising service provider.  In Google Adwords, marketers supply keywords to the search engine and while people surf on the net, to search for various products and services, they will be led by your keywords to your website. This form of positioning strategy has been growing fast. The growth rate in the web advertising industry is now above 41% with Google earning 58% of its net revenue from this business annually. This shows there is a lot of money at stake. Google is making money and so also those who are advertising. But, without proper strategy, you may not make much money with Google Adwords. Here are some secrets you can use to make money with Google Adwords.

One secret of making money with Adwords is by improving your website. Remember, you are on the Internet positioning your ad and so your website will play a major role. The aim of advertising with Adwords is to direct as much traffic to your website as you can. By just having a good link on the top pages doesn’t assure you that people will be visiting your website, even if they click on the link. If your site takes long to load, people will not have that much time to waste, waiting for it to load. Make your website easily navigable and quick to load. You should have an attractive website in place, one that is simple and user friendly. With this, you will get returns for your money.

Another secret is to identify your target audience. If you know exactly, who your target audience is, you should be able to make a good prospective list. This should not be considered as a waste of time. Think about this. How else will you make money, if it’s not from the prospects? Even as you design your website, the prospects should be your major consideration. But, you may wonder, how you will be able to get this prospects list. This is simple. All you have to do is to have an offer for your target audience. You can offer something like a free newsletter or an ebook. This will attract people to click on your link. You should then have a landing page.

A landing page is normally your website or a page in your website, where they can exercise to sign for the newsletter or whatever you are offering. As they do so, you will be able to get their contacts and build your list. But, you should not promise to offer something, which you are not offering. You should keep your promises. With the list you will make, you can then keep on sending them details of the new products and services that you will be offering. In the short and long term, see that you have made yourself a place you can count on to get money, using Adwords.


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