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So, you want to get started working from home, but you don’t want your work to interfere with the time you spend with your children. Most stay at home moms find that almost every work at home opportunity either requires way too much work and dedication, or it’s a complete scam and a waste of time. The solution would be to start your own home business, but that can require a lot of work - and money - and will take you away from your family.

The answer? Running your own eBay business, of course! You can start your own business from home by opening up a store on eBay. Getting started with eBay is fast, easy, and it doesn’t cost a dime to register. The best part is, eBay does most of the work for you - all you have to do is list your items, and the buyers come straight to you. Let eBay manage your transactions, your customers, and your items, while you spend your time with your family.

The amount of effort you need to put into eBay is small, and can be squeezed in at just about any time of day. One of the great things about eBay is, it’s up and running all day, every day. That means you can do your work during naptime, school, or after the kids go to bed. You don’t need to dedicate that much time to your eBay home business, either. Many moms find that just a few hours a week is all they need to get their business going and make money while they enjoy their time at home with their children.

Even as your eBay business starts to pick up, you can still manage your time in between the time you spend with your family. Reserve one day on the weekends to focus on listing new items, packing up the sold items that need to go out, and shipping out the packed up items. You can handle customer questions and payments throughout the week whenever you have a spare moment to sit down.

Managing your own home business on eBay doesn’t have to be difficult. Your eBay store will handle the hard part for you, and you can fill in the rest whenever you feel like it. Sell as much or as little as you choose, and list items whenever you have the time to do it. No longer does your job have to dictate your family life - instead, your can fit your business around your family’s schedule, and enjoy the time you spend at home with your children.

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