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  A Word about Solar Power  
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be totally independent of the big energy companies? Have you ever wanted to get rid of that ridiculously high power bill that you pay each and every month?  If you could be more self sufficient and take advantage of energy sources that are free and plentiful? If you answered yes to that question, you are certainly not alone. More and more people each day are searching for ways to incorporate alternative and renewable energy sources into their lifestyles; both to reduce their carbon footprint and also to lessen the stranglehold that we all feel from the big energy companies.

Maybe itís because of the green movement that has been taking hold in across the world in the last few years, or perhaps itís because our economy seems to be getting shakier by the minute, but thousands of people each day are beginning to take a good hard look at the kind of energy they are using, and what cost it has to their bank accounts and to the earth.

 Luckily, solar energy is becoming increasingly popular and easier to afford. While it still takes quite a bit of money to install large solar panels on your rooftop, it is still able to be done, and the benefits will be long lasting. If you are not yet able to afford to take full advantage of solar energy, you can still benefit from the energy that the sun provides us each and every day. With a little experimentation, you can even make your own solar panels that could be used to dry food or clothing. There are even solar ovens you can make that you can bake cookies in! This is especially fun if you have small children to help out.

Basically, the sun comes up every day, ready to give off waves of energy that we shouldnít let go to waste. The more that technology grows, the easier it will be to afford and successfully use solar energy. The hope is that one day it can help to replace our current sources of energy, such as foreign oil and fossil fuels. Maybe then we can really begin to repair some of the damage that we have unknowingly done to our precious earth. If we cannot achieve this, there is no telling how much more damage could be done, or how much more this earth can take.

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