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Second chance offers is one of the best features that eBay offers its sellers. It is the best tool to double your money. Many sellers have benefited and earned big amounts with the help of “second chance offers.” Second chance offers have helped many eBay businesses to boost their sales and make the most from the special feature allotted by eBay.

Second chance offers lets you offer non-winning bidder the chance to purchase a product at the highest bidding price. This feature can be used when your product has been sold at a good price in the auction and you have one more similar product in stock. You need to send this offer to non-winning bidders immediately after the auction is over. This feature is beneficial to both the seller and the buyer. A non-winning bidder gets a chance to own the product and the seller gets to earn a handsome amount.

In second chance offers, the seller saves on more money, as he or she does not have to spend money on another listing. Once the listing period is over, you automatically get a second chance offer as long as you had more than one bidder. As a seller you get the opportunity to choose the item in two situations. Once when you have multiple items, where you may have 5 duplicate items and 10 highest bidders, you can ask these bidders to send second chance offer. Another situation where second chance can be used is when the first wining bidder fails to make his payment on time or changes his or her mind and rejects the product. In this situation you can use second chance offer and earn a high income. Do not lower the price unless you are in great need of money.

Do not give too long for bidders to think about second chance. Buyers may often change their mind and no more want your product. To avoid this kind of a situation it is better to give very little time for buyers to think and act. Do not keep your offer for more than a day’s time. This will prompt the buyer to take immediate action and you will get the best price. If you give too many days for the second chance offer you may have to lose on potential buyers and settle down for a low price.

Second chance offer is the best eBay can offer you, so do not miss this opportunity to earn more and succeed in eBay business. Try to use this offer on every auction and sell multiple products at great prices. This offer gives a chance to increase your sales within less time. So go ahead and make the most from this offer and boost your business. Remember do not give the customer time to rethink about the offer.

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