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  The ABC Of Selling On E-bay  
EBay has revolutionized consumer-to-consumer business. Some may even call it an online Flee market. But, no one can deny that you can make a profitable sale here. Prudent businessmen are always on the lookout for good business opportunities and if you are serious about making a living from eBay, then you need to approach the concept in a professional manner.

EBay was initially started as an action site, where people could place bids for the items put on sale. Over the last so many years of operations, eBay has evolved into the most successful e-business model in the world. Today, eBay has become the world biggest online market. Any number of sellers can sell their wares here, whether old or new, and the best thing is that the sellers need not have their own website to participate in e-commerce. With the heavy influx of buyers and sellers, eBay now has the auction selling as well as conventional selling on its website.
The eBay selling format can be best described in ABC:



Conventional selling

Auction- the most popular mode of selling on eBay is auctioning your wares. Most sellers, who use e-bay for the first time, use this method. First time sellers are usually selling household items or some exclusive or antique articles on eBay. It is not easy to ascertain the true value of such articles, which is why auctioning makes sense. Here the simple theory at work is – one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

Bid- when you are placing something on auction on eBay, you are actually inviting people to quote their offers for the item that is bids. Buyers will essentially bid the prices that they are willing to pay for the item. When auctioning online, the bids do not come in immediately like in a real auction. So, you have to give a certain period of time for inviting the bids. You will need to set a deadline for the bids ranging from a week to a couple of weeks. The longer the period, the more bids you can get. But, if the period is too long, the bidders may lose interest by the time you decide to sell. Naturally, you will sell to the highest bidder.

Conventional selling- while eBay is the world’s biggest electronic Flee market, it has become a major market place for businessmen looking to sell standard products and services here. EBay reaches buyers worldwide and you are invited to make the most of this opportunity. Thus eBay also facilitates selling on fixed prices, which omits website. You just need to get your item listed in the correct category and quote your price there. You need not have your own e-business website to sell your products online, if you are using eBay. All you need to pay is a fee for using the service and1.5 % of the value you sell your item for.

You may have heard a friend or colleague, who goes on and on harping about the cool profit he made selling his grandma’s old umbrella on e-bay. You too can do the same, if you are a manufacturer or a service provider. EBay is your passport to a worldwide market.

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