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  Choosing Proper Clothing for Jogging  
One of the most important things to consider when jogging is your clothing, especially the type of shoes you wear. You want something that is comfortable and that is specifically for running or jogging. You can also choose cross trainers if you desire, but it is better to have something with cushioning such as the Nike Air and similar shoes.

The cushioning in the shoes will help prevent any hard landing on your feet as well as allowing airflow through your feet to prevent damage to the feet, knees and legs. If you have to make sacrifices due to budgetary concerns do not do it with your shoes. The shoes are the most important part of your jogging clothing when it comes to preventing injury.

Your outer clothing is also important because you do not want to be too cold or too warm. In the warmer months, you can certainly choose shorts and a short sleeve or sleeveless top or shirt, but you also want to make sure, if you are jogging during the daylight hours to protect your skin from the sun with sun block that has an SPF of at least 15. You also want to wear a sun hat or cap that protects your head and prevents heat stroke or heat exhaustion. During colder months, you will want to choose, either sweat pants or track pants. Never go out jogging wearing short sleeves when it is cold outside. You may feel you will stay warm because of your exercise but the reality is that the sweat from your body mingling with the cold air makes a perfect environment for illness.  

If you are going jogging during a time when there is likely to be a severe change in temperature you may want to take along a light jacket and tie it around your waist while you are jogging. In the event the temperature drops substantially you will be able to put your jacket on and shield yourself from the cold. Use a waist pack to carry any money or keys you need rather than attempting to carry even a small purse that a mugger can easily take. Better yet, put your money and keys in your pocket where they are out of view from people. The less opportunity you provide for criminal acts the least likely you are to become a victim.

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