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  Creating Your Own Jogging Trail  
For those who live in rural areas or even suburban areas with a good deal of land, you might want to consider creating your own jogging trail. It does not have to be anything fancy, and you can choose to use grass or dirt at your preference. Some people may even find it helpful to use AstroTurf or a similar product—“fake grass” instead of the real thing. The choice you make is yours but you want to make sure the design and space meets your needs. Check it before you begin so that you make sure you allow enough space because once you finish there is no going back without redoing the entire jogging trail.

Another possibility for those who live in a neighborhood with a lot of open land is to obtain permission to create a jogging trail on a piece of that open land. In many cases, the open land belongs to the state or the county, and for a good cause, they may even do the construction and foot the cost for you if enough people are interested. Even if they will not finance the project, all you need is permission to use the land for the jogging trail. It is something that would be a benefit to the community as a whole much as a park is beneficial to the children of a community.

Sometimes it is not necessary to obtain permission to create a jogging trail; it depends where you want to place it. Certainly if it is part of your property, you will not need permission as long as you stay within the bounds of your own property and do not create any obstructions that would prevent public access to water or sewer lines. A project would not only be beneficial but inexpensive. Having your own jogging trail would also mean you do not have to worry about your safety in a remote area and would make the activity more enjoyable for you. In addition, you would never have to worry about going out in the weather or wondering where you could go to jog.

If you are considering creating your own jogging trail, you might want to get together with a neighbor and perhaps build one the two of you can share. This project can be a benefit to more than one person and would help both families become healthier by engaging in a mutual exercise.

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