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  Is Jogging Healthy for Everyone?  
Although jogging is a healthy form of exercise, it is definitely not for everyone. Some people have health conditions that prevent them from jogging such as knee problems or even heart problems. There are also those who have respiratory problems that may not want to participate in jogging, at least not during the summer when they are most likely to be overheated and possibly have an attack. Although most people are physically able to jog, you should always check with your doctor if you have any physical condition that might make it unsafe. You want to make the right choice or jogging will not improve your health. In fact, if you undertake jogging when you have poor health it will defeat the purpose.

Anyone who is not able to do any kind of running or at least brisk walking should probably not participate in jogging. That also includes anyone who has back, knee or leg problems because the additional stress can possibly create more problems. That does not mean those people should not participate in any kind of exercise but they should choose something their doctor recommends and that will consider their condition. You do not want to create more health problems for yourself by participating in an activity that your body cannot handle. The choice you make will allow you to continue living an active lifestyle but if you make the wrong choice, you are liable to find you are unable to do the same things you used to be able to do. It is important to know your limitations and accept them for what they are rather than trying to overcome them.

When we were young, we never let things get us down and made it a point to overcome any limitations that may have presented themselves. As we get older, we have to work around those limitations. That means you do not try to do things that you know are impossible or will cause injury to any body parts. That includes jogging and any other activities that you may no longer be able to perform. It is easy enough to find something elsebrisk walking or leisurely walking for instance. There is no need to be stress on your body because you thought you could still jog about you had knee surgery. Be reasonablethere are enough activities for everyone who is interested in improving their health with aerobic exercise.

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