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  Is There a Right or Wrong Way to Jog?  
Good solid question, right, how do you jog? Is there a right or wrong way to jog? Although some might say it makes no difference, others may disagree with that. Everyone has his or her own personal preference about different things, and when those preferences are different from what others may do, it means the other person is wrong. Is that actually true? No, it is not necessarily true, but in the eyes of the person doing things differently, it is indeed the wrong way of doing whatever activity it was. Whether it is jogging, running, or even vacuuming the floor, some people believe there is a right and wrong way to do it.

In retrospect, jogging involves the slow, rhythmic movement of a run, more like a trot or gallop of a horse than an actual run. Because of its slower pace, people who cannot run can usually jog. That is not always the case; there are exceptions such as heart patients and others who may not have the ability to perform any activity beyond that of a brisk or leisurely walk. For those who have the pleasure of being able to jog, they will develop their own way of doing it, and there is actually no right or wrong way to do it. The key issue is being up to keep up a slow steady pace but there is no right or wrong way except in the minds of some perfectionists.

No matter what you teach people about jogging, they are still going to find their own methodology, something that works for them. The choice is personal and as long as the result is the same there is little relevance to the reasoning or methodology that separates one persons style from another. There will always be different ways to jog based on a persons personal preference and even of their weight and body build.

Some people just find one way of jogging easier than another with some even choosing to alternate between jogging and brisk walking and even running. It is not your style of jogging that will make a difference in your health but rather your perseverance in doing it. Choosing to remain healthy by participating in jogging as your exercise of choice will provide you with more years of good health than those who choose to lead a sedentary lifestyle.

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