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  Jogging and Walking: the Perfect Combination  
If you enjoy both jogging and walking or maybe find you cannot jog for very long at a time, you might want to consider a combination of both. You can start out jogging and as you begin to tire or feel pain in your knees or legs, switch to brisk walking. Many health professionals will even tell you that brisk walking is better for you than running, so substituting walking during your daily jog is not going to minimize the health benefits of jogging. In fact, you will find that you can increase the length of time you can participate when you combine the two activities instead of trying to jog o walk during the entire time.

One reason it is much more beneficial to combine jogging with walking is that each activity has certain limitations in terms of health benefits. For example, jogging too much can cause problems with your knees and calves while walking at a brisk pace may be too much for someone people to accomplish at one time. By combining the two activities, you can decrease the amount of time you participate thus making it easier on those who find it difficult to walk or jog for very long at one time.

Does that mean you can combine jogging with a leisurely walk? That depends on what you are expecting from the jog. A leisurely walk will provide some benefits but not as many as a brisk walk. A leisurely walk is not likely to increase your heart rate and thus will not provide the entire required amount of exercise a person needs on a daily basis. This is especially true for those who are walking or jogging along with a weight loss plan. In order to gain the benefits of aerobic exercises it is important to have a certain momentum along with speed. You might slow down your jog to a brisk walk but you do not want to turn it into a leisurely walk. If you want a leisurely walk, which is very good exercise as well, you want to do that at another time.

Being able to combine brisk walking with jogging with also help prevent some of the problems that are associated with jogging. Not everyone experiences any of those problems but if you already have calf or knee problems, you can minimize any future potential problems if you use the combination of walking and jogging.

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