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  Jogging or Running: What Difference Does it Make?  
When it comes to exercise, does it really matter if you jog or if you run? Perhaps in theory, it does not make a difference but in reality, you are much better off with jogging. Why is that you may ask? When you run, you tend to begin fast, slow down or stop when you tire, then attempt to pick up speed again. The problem is that you have lost momentum by that time and most likely do not have the ability to regain the power you had in the beginning. You will therefore tire easier and take longer to recover your strength and momentum.

Jogging on the other hand allows you to maintain a slow pace from the start therefore, you are less likely to slow down and stop forcing you to lose your momentum. In that respect, you will be in a better position to not only benefit from the jogging itself, but also to be able to use it to boost the metabolic system so it can burn calories. That is not to say that you cannot accomplish it with running but the fact that you tend to slow down and stop more often while you are running makes it less desirable as an activity for burning calories. Running is good for exercising the legs but as a way to boost the metabolism and burn calories the slow but steady pace of jogging is much better.

Of course, some people prefer to engage in a combination of running and jogging and for them the effect is the same. Because you are still jogging you will be able to get the metabolism running while at the same time keeping up your momentum going with jogging. When you combine running and jogging, you have less of a tendency to slow completely down as you do with a steady run.

Therefore, you are able to keep the momentum at steadier pace though not as steady as it would be if you were only jogging. You can still gain many benefits from the combination of running and jogging, especially if you allow yourself to maintain timeliness and not just take a few minutes and quit. Build up to an hour a day and you will soon see a big difference in the way you feel in general, look and feel about yourself and your life.

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