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  Protect Your Knees with Proper Shoes  
There are special shoes for jogging and other similar exercises. In order to protect your knees you should make certain you wear the proper shoes and that they fit properly. Cross trainers are good for most running and jogging but you may want to ask someone who is experienced in that area if they are right for you. It will depend how much you jog and the kind of ground on which you jog that will make the difference. You do not want to ruin your legs and knees and thus have to give up jogging completely.

Keep in mind that jogging is not good for everyone and for some people simply walking at a brisk pace is the best form of exercise. If you have injured your knees in another activity in the past, you may wish to avoid jogging. The additional pressure to the knees can add additional injury to any you already have. Be safe and be cautious in not only the jogging itself but the shoes you wear when you participate in the activity. Never attempt to jog in regular street shoes or your bare feet. You need the support that is available with sports shoes, preferably one that offers cushioning so you do not come down hard on the balls of your feet and cause damage to your feet.

If you want to continue jogging and even doing other types of exercises that require the use of your feet and knees its important to make certain you wear proper shoes while you are performing the activity. In addition, if you jog frequently you also want to make sure your shoes fit properly and are in good condition.

Most doctors recommend buying new shoes every 8 monthsmore often if you work on your feet or frequently exercise. No matter how tight your budget may be do not skip on jogging shoes or you run the risk of ruining your feet and your knees. If you have a tight budget look for sales on good shoes rather than skimping and buying jogging shoes that are of a low quality.

For the jogger shoe quality and durability is essential, as is the type of shoe you wear when you are jogging. An ordinary sneaker is not for jogging and will do your feet more harm than good. Consult with a professional in order to choose the shoes that will provide the best protection when you are jogging.

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