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  Will Jogging Make Bad Knees Worse?  
You hear a great deal of information about jogging causing knee problems. What about those who already have knee problems, will it make them worse? Is there a way to prevent knee problems when you jog? One of the best ways to prevent knee problems when you jog is to make sure you wear the right kind of shoes. You do not want to go to the department store and buy some cheap street sneakers; you want to choose athletic shoes that have specific design for running. Some people prefer cross trainers that are for many different activities but when it comes to jogging, it might be better to choose a running shoe.

If you already have bad knees you may want to consider another activity. Jogging in itself can cause problems with your knees if you are not careful; therefore attempting to jog when you already have bad knees may be courting disaster. You want to protect your knees from any further damage by making sure you do not participate in any activity that will cause additional damage. For those with bad knees walking may be better than jogging because of the reduced stress on the knees. It might not be exactly what you want to do, but you have to decide between walking and causing additional damage to your knees. If you make the wrong choice you may end up having knee surgery with no guarantee the problem will correct permanently.

Most joggers who have knee problems developed knee problems after they began jogging. In many cases, it is because of the stress placed on the knees while jogging. In other cases, bad knees result from improper fitting shoes, especially from the era when sneakers were the only form of athletic wear that was available. There were no specially made athletic shoes for running, only for sports like football, basketball, baseball and golf.

Running shoes is new on the market when compared to how long jogging and track have been activities. Thus, many of the people who have knee problems related to jogging are older people who began jogging before running shoes were available or at least before people were aware of the importance of wearing running shoes. Today those people are suffering from knee and calf problems, many unable to even walk any more than around their homes and to the store.

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